BVDA - Crime-lite 42 S

Crime-lite 42 S

Switchable dual-colour range of forensic light sources

The Crime-lite®42S, switchable between two arrays of 8 high intensity LEDs, provides the forensic examiner with three illumination outputs in a single alternate light source. Using a simple 3-way control the examiner is able to alternate between two narrowband wavelengths or to use all 16 LEDs to provide high intensity wideband illumination. The ability to detect evidence is enhanced by using differing wavebands and allows forensic examiners to reduce search times.
Crime-lite 42S light sources are available in the following combinations:
White 400-700nm & Blue 420-470nm
UV 350-380nm & Violet 395-425nm
Blue 420-470nm & Blue/Green 445-510nm
Blue 420-470nm & Green 480-560nm
Green 480-560nm & Orange 570-610nm
Yellow 540-590nm & Red 600-650nm
Infrared 800-900nm & UV 350-380nm
Product features:
• 16 high intensity LEDs, 8 of each chosen wavelength
• Constant light output throughout battery charge
• High capacity rapid charge lithium ion battery
• Robust high-specification construction