BVDA - Crime-lite 8x4mk2

Crime-lite 8x4 mk2

Multi-wavelength LED ring light providing optimum lighting for forensic photography

The Crime-lite® 8x4 Mk2 is designed to meet the varying demands of forensic photography enabling the operator to create the optimum illumination for all types of evidence and backgrounds, enhancing image contrast and definition.
The ring light has been redesigned to include seven narrow bandwidth LED arrays, emitting light at peak wavelengths of 365, 410, 445, 480, 530, 590 and 640nm. These may be selected individually or in multiple combinations using manual or software control to create 98 different colours, enabling the operator to tailor illumination to suit the evidence. Fixed combinations also provide a choice of 10 white light emissions with a range of colour temperatures between 3000K and 10,000K. In addition, an array of standard white light emitting LEDs with a colour temperature of 6500 K have 10 intensity settings, creating a total of 118 possible combinations.
Product features:
• 32 high intensity LEDs from UV to Red
• Create the optimum illumination for all types of evidence
• For use in the laboratory or at the crime scene
• Solid construction with no serviceable parts
• Ideal light source for use with the Foster+Freeman DCS 4