Crime-lite light sources

With the Crime-lite range of forensic light sources Foster + Freeman have pioneered the use of high intensity LED illumination for the search, detection and examination of forensic evidence both at the crime scene and in the forensic laboratory. Foster + Freeman Crime-lites provide a quality of construction that is instantly recognisable in look, feel and performance. All lights within the range also include the unique guarantee of being able to provide 100% light output throughout the lifespan of a battery ensuring that no trace of evidence goes unmissed.

Crime-lite 82 S

Powerful alternate light sources for crime scene and laboratory
Where serious crime demands intensive crime scene investigation, the Crime-lite 82S range offers levels of illumination and ease of use that will almost certainly increase the quantity and value of evidence detected.
Each Crime-lite 82S features 16 LEDs hand-picked for brightness and wavelength accuracy, ensuring consistent performance and effectiveness. Viewing goggles and camera filters supplied with the 82S range feature anti-glare coatings unique to Foster + Freeman. These improve effectiveness by suppressing auto-fluorescence from the basic filters.
The range includes UV, Violet, Blue, Blue/Green, Green, Orange, Red and Infrared narrow bandwidth illumination for detecting blood, body fluids, drugs and fibres as well as for examining chemically treated fingerprints.
Crime-lite 82S kits are supplied with a complete range of accessories including anti-glare viewing goggles and camera lens filters designed to provide maximum optical performance when used alongside high power light sources.
Features include:
• Intense shadow-free beam without hotspots
• Up to 600 minutes operating time on a fully charged battery
• Constant light ouput regardless of battery charge
• Anti-glare viewing goggles and camera filters

Crime-lite 82 L and 82L UV

A unique light source providing low angle surface illumination
16 high intensity white LEDs mounted behind a cylindrical lens give a wide floor level light beam that is ideal for detecting surface debris and shoe prints.
A concept developed by Foster + Freeman, the Crime-lite 82L produces a ‘sheet’ of variable intensity (10%, 50%, 100%) white light to reveal floor level evidence and is supplied with blue, green and red clip on filters to enhance contrast on coloured backgrounds.
Features include:
• Detects surface debris over a large area
• 16 surface mounted high intensity LEDs
• Lightweight, telescopic pole available for prolonged floor searches
• Rechargeable battery provides up to 175 minutes operation, rapid recharge

Crime-lite 42 S

Switchable dual-colour range of forensic light sources
The Crime-lite®42S, switchable between two arrays of 8 high intensity LEDs, provides the forensic examiner with three illumination outputs in a single alternate light source. Using a simple 3-way control the examiner is able to alternate between two narrowband wavelengths or to use all 16 LEDs to provide high intensity wideband illumination. The ability to detect evidence is enhanced by using differing wavebands and allows forensic examiners to reduce search times.
Crime-lite 42S light sources are available in the following combinations:
White 400-700nm & Blue 420-470nm
UV 350-380nm & Violet 395-425nm
Blue 420-470nm & Blue/Green 445-510nm
Blue 420-470nm & Green 480-560nm
Green 480-560nm & Orange 570-610nm
Yellow 540-590nm & Red 600-650nm
Infrared 800-900nm & UV 350-380nm
Product features:
• 16 high intensity LEDs, 8 of each chosen wavelength
• Constant light output throughout battery charge
• High capacity rapid charge lithium ion battery
• Robust high-specification construction


For crime scene investigation and laboratory examination
Suitable for use in the forensic laboratory and for crime scene investigation, Crime-lite 2 light sources are compact and versatile tools for the detection and examination of evidence. The range includes a white light model for general search and eight narrow band wavelengths in UV, violet, blue, blue-green, green, orange, red and IR.
With thousands of units in active use by forensic investigators worldwide the Crime-lite 2 demonstrates effectiveness, exceptional build quality and reliability.
Product features:
• Fitted with a high power LED
• Constructed from anodised aluminium
• Lightweight, high capacity batteries
• 2 to 4 hours of operating time on fully charged battery
• Wavelength tuned to match viewing goggles
• High capacity rapid charge lithium ion battery
• Robust high-specification construction


For crime scene investigation and laboratory examination
With 96 high intensity LEDs, the Crime-lite XL is unrivalled as the world’s most powerful range of handheld LED forensic light sources. The range offers Blue, Blue/Green, Green, and Orange wavelengths, effective in the close-up examination and wide area detection of minute traces of blood, body fluids, fibres, explosive residues, stained and naturally fluorescent fingerprints.
An important feature of the new Crime-lite XL range is the provision of optional, clip-on, narrowband ‘trimming filters’ that further reduce output bandwidths to 10nm. These enhance visibility of evidence by reducing or eliminating interference from background fluorescence.
Product features:
• Fitted with 96 high power LEDs providing up to 115W of radiant optical power
• Three adjustable power levels
• AC voltage or battery powered for use at the crime scene
• Constructed from durable anodized aluminium
• Ready for use at the crime scene in seconds

Crime-lite 8x4 mk2

Multi-wavelength LED ring light providing optimum lighting for forensic photography
The Crime-lite® 8x4 Mk2 is designed to meet the varying demands of forensic photography enabling the operator to create the optimum illumination for all types of evidence and backgrounds, enhancing image contrast and definition.
The ring light has been redesigned to include seven narrow bandwidth LED arrays, emitting light at peak wavelengths of 365, 410, 445, 480, 530, 590 and 640nm. These may be selected individually or in multiple combinations using manual or software control to create 98 different colours, enabling the operator to tailor illumination to suit the evidence. Fixed combinations also provide a choice of 10 white light emissions with a range of colour temperatures between 3000K and 10,000K. In addition, an array of standard white light emitting LEDs with a colour temperature of 6500 K have 10 intensity settings, creating a total of 118 possible combinations.
Product features:
• 32 high intensity LEDs from UV to Red
• Create the optimum illumination for all types of evidence
• For use in the laboratory or at the crime scene
• Solid construction with no serviceable parts
• Ideal light source for use with the Foster+Freeman DCS 4

Crime-lite ML2

Multiple-wavelength LED illuminated bench top magnifier
The Crime-lite® ML2 combines the versatility of multi-wavelength, high intensity LED illumination and the comfort of wide area bi-ocular magnification to provide an effective bench top search and examination tool for the forensic laboratory.
The Crime-lite® ML2 features 8 high intensity white LEDs with variable intensity control for general search and a choice of up to 4 additional narrow band LEDs including UV, Violet, Blue, Green, Blue/green and Orange to provide up to 40 different waveband combinations for the examination of fluorescent evidence.
The Crime-lite® ML2 is effective in detecting body fluids, semen, bone and tooth fragments, fibres, drugs, explosives, accelerants and chemically treated evidence. Accessories include blue and green contrast enhancing filters for white light illumination.
The articulated arm extends to over 1 meter and may be fixed to the wall or bench top with the mounts provided. The 3.5 diopter lens provides a nominal magnification of x1.8.
The head incorporates an air cooling fan, to maintain comfort during prolonged operation and is fitted with a high efficiency filter capable of removing sub-micron particles to reduce airborne contamination over the inspection area. Other features include an easy-to-clean touch control panel, a protective thermal cut-out and power saving mode.
Crime-lite 82S IR cam
Using the new Crime-lite Cam attachment, it is now possible to search beyond the visible spectrum to detect previously unseen evidence including: body fluids, blood stains, gun shot residues, scuffs and tool marks etc.