BVDA - Crime-lite ML2

Crime-lite ML2

Multiple-wavelength LED illuminated bench top magnifier

The Crime-lite® ML2 combines the versatility of multi-wavelength, high intensity LED illumination and the comfort of wide area bi-ocular magnification to provide an effective bench top search and examination tool for the forensic laboratory.
The Crime-lite® ML2 features 8 high intensity white LEDs with variable intensity control for general search and a choice of up to 4 additional narrow band LEDs including UV, Violet, Blue, Green, Blue/green and Orange to provide up to 40 different waveband combinations for the examination of fluorescent evidence.
The Crime-lite® ML2 is effective in detecting body fluids, semen, bone and tooth fragments, fibres, drugs, explosives, accelerants and chemically treated evidence. Accessories include blue and green contrast enhancing filters for white light illumination.
The articulated arm extends to over 1 meter and may be fixed to the wall or bench top with the mounts provided. The 3.5 diopter lens provides a nominal magnification of x1.8.
The head incorporates an air cooling fan, to maintain comfort during prolonged operation and is fitted with a high efficiency filter capable of removing sub-micron particles to reduce airborne contamination over the inspection area. Other features include an easy-to-clean touch control panel, a protective thermal cut-out and power saving mode.
Crime-lite 82S IR cam
Using the new Crime-lite Cam attachment, it is now possible to search beyond the visible spectrum to detect previously unseen evidence including: body fluids, blood stains, gun shot residues, scuffs and tool marks etc.