BVDA - Crime-liteXL


For crime scene investigation and laboratory examination

With 96 high intensity LEDs, the Crime-lite XL is unrivalled as the world’s most powerful range of handheld LED forensic light sources. The range offers Blue, Blue/Green, Green, and Orange wavelengths, effective in the close-up examination and wide area detection of minute traces of blood, body fluids, fibres, explosive residues, stained and naturally fluorescent fingerprints.
An important feature of the new Crime-lite XL range is the provision of optional, clip-on, narrowband ‘trimming filters’ that further reduce output bandwidths to 10nm. These enhance visibility of evidence by reducing or eliminating interference from background fluorescence.
Product features:
• Fitted with 96 high power LEDs providing up to 115W of radiant optical power
• Three adjustable power levels
• AC voltage or battery powered for use at the crime scene
• Constructed from durable anodized aluminium
• Ready for use at the crime scene in seconds