BVDA - VSC 80i

VSC 80i

Fast, Effective Examination of Travel & Identity Documents

Advanced forensic-level technology, simply controlled. The VSC®80i provides a complete solution to the comprehensive examination of secure travel and identity documents including passports, ID cards, visas, entry permits, and driving licences etc.

Ideal for high security, fast-paced environments including air, land and sea ports, immigration controls, and border crossing points etc. the VSC®80i re-writes the rulebook for high-level document examination by enabling the operator to interrogate documents with forensic precision via an intuitive touchscreen interface that improves processing speed and efficiency.

A fully integrated workstation, that does not require an additional PC, the VSC®80i builds upon the industry-leading VSC technology that is used by forensic document examination professionals worldwide to provide a powerful solution for the detection of counterfeit and altered documents.

Detect Fake and Counterfeit Documents

  • Inspect documents under high magnification
  • Authenticate passport & ID card security features
  • Observe documents under UV-Vis-IR light sources
  • Compare suspect against genuine document

Forensic-Level Technology, Simply Operated

  • Intuitive icon-driven software interface
  • Semi-automated examinations
  • ‘One-Click’ activation of examination routines
  • Fully integrated system - No PC required