Basic Red 14

Basic Red 14 is a red dye that fluoresces under green light. The background staining is somewhat stronger than that of Basic Yellow 40.
Excitation is done with green light (around 530 nm.) The camera filter that is needed should pass light above around 590 nm (red.)
Product #
Basic Red 14, 500 ml solution (1.5 g/liter in water, 2-propanol, methyl ethyl ketone) in a spray bottle.
Basic Red 14, 500 ml solution (2 g/liter in ethanol) in a spray bottle.
Basic Red 14, 500 ml solution (1 g/l in water with detergent, CAST formulationl) in a spray bottle.
Basic Red 14, 10 gram in a brown glass bottle.

2-[2-[4-[(2-cyanoethylmethylamino]phenyl]ethenyl]-1,3,3-trimethyl-3H-Indolium, chloride
CAS-Number: 12217-48-0

To make a working solution dissolve 1.5 gram [1] or 2 gram [3] Basic Red 14 in 1 litre of ethanol (or denatured ethanol.)

Our water based formula [2] is:

1.5 gram BR14
750 ml water
150 ml methyl ethyl ketone
100 ml isopropanol

References and footnotes

[1] HOSDB, Fingerprint and Footwear Forensics Newslettter, November 2007, Publication No. 59/07.
[2] Based on the Rhodamine 6G formulation described in the AFP Workshop Manual
[3] Fingerprint Visualisation Manual (CAST/Home Office 2014)

Basic Red 14 solution in erlenmeyer flask.