Silmark CART for lifting fingermarks

Available in black, white, and clear

Silmark CART is a 2-part addition curing silicone compound in a cartridge. Silmark CART is available in various colours: gray and brown for toolmark casting and black, white, and clear for lifting of powdered fingermarks.
Using the dispensing gun the compound is easily applied to textured surfaces like Hammerite painted metal and polystyrene packing materials.
There is no need to manually mix the two components, this is done by the static mixing tip which is mounted on the cartridge prior to each use. With the optional spreader tip attached to the static mixer a 25 mm/1 inch wide strip of silicone material is applied over the fingermark to be lifted.
A sheet of silicone paper can be applied to the silicone material shortly after applying it to the surface containing the fingermark. Gently rubbing the back of the paper ensures the silicone material is fully pressed into the texture of the surface.
This will not only assist in getting the powdered fingermark off the surface as complete as possible, in many cases it will also provide a flat backside of the lift which makes it easier to handle during photography. The paper adheres to the silicone lift and offers ample space to make notes on.
Setting times vary with temperature, with ambient and material temperatures of 20°C/68°C this is around 4 minutes and some 8 minutes at 10°C/50°F.

Product #
Silmark CART White, 75 ml cartridge
Silmark CART Black, 75 ml cartridge
Silmark CART Clear, 75 ml cartridge
Dispensing gun (classic model) for Silmark CART
Dispensing gun (modern) for Silmark CART 50 ml cartridges
Mixing tips pink for Silmark CART, 50/p
Spreader tips for Silmark CART, 50/p
Siliconized paper (one side only) 10 x 14 cm / 4 x 5,6", 100/p