Safranin O

Safranin O is a dye stain for cyanoacrylate that fluoresces under green light (use red goggles/filters to view and photograph the fluorescence). The solutions B-84100/84200 are concentrated solutions that need to be diluted strongly (with ethanol) to prepare working solutions. The fluorescence is less strong than with Basic Yellow 40.
Product #
Safranine O, 100 ml solution in a polyethylene bottle
Safranine O, 500 ml solution (4 g/liter in ethanol), in a spray bottle.
Name: 3,7-diamino-2,8-dimethyl-5-phenylphenazinium chloride, Basic Red 2
CAS-Number: 477-73-6
The Safranin O solutions B-84100 and B-84200 contain 4 gram Safranin O (Basic Red 2) per liter in (denatured ethanol. This concentration is too high for fluorescence staining, the fluorescence will be largely absorbed by the Safranin O now present in the cyanoacrylate (which will be faint red). Therefore, these concentrated solutions should be diluted with ethanol.
Safranin O can be used in a concentration of circa 0.1 gram (dilution 1:40) to 0.002 gram per liter (dilution 1:800). A solution of 0.1 g/l Safranin O can be made by diluting 25 ml of B-84100 or B-84200 with 975 ml of ethanol. A solution of 0.002 g/l Safranin O can be made by diluting 20 ml of the 0.1 g/l solution with 980 ml of ethanol.
Safranin O fluoresces when excited with green light (in the range of approximately 470-560 nm). It has a maximum absorption of 530 nm (in 50% ethanol).