BVDA - Crystal Violet

Crystal Violet - Basic Violet 3

Main Uses: Latent Fingerprints on semi-porous and Porous surfaces
Crystal Violet / Basic Violet 3 stains some fatty constituents of the sebaceous sweat, shed skin cells and some greasy contaminants resulting in visible fingerprints which are purple colour. Some marks produced can be further enhanced by fluorescence.
Crystal Violet / Basic Violet 3 can be effective for visualising both latent fingerprints and prints in grease.
It is most effective  on non-porous surfaces and some adhesive surfaces. The process may produce background staining, particularly if the surface has some porosity associated with it.
Product #
Gentian Violet, concentrated solution (ethanol-based), 50 ml
Crystal Violet, dye, 25 gram in a glass bottle.