Magnetic Jet Black

A deep black, strongly adhering powder providing excellent contrast. This very popular magnetic powder can be used on many surfaces. Examples are: aluminum, candles, and polystyrene foam. Very fresh fingerprints on paper can also be developed with this powder. A special application is in making comparison prints of shoe soles. The soles are coated with a very small amount of silicone oil (for example, from the SLM spray), and an impression is made on a sheet of paper, then visualized with Magnetic Jet Black.
Product #
Magnetic Jet Black, 200 g
Magnetic Jet Black, 500 g
Magnetic Jet Black, 1 kg

1. The sole of the shoe is rubbed with a cloth on which silicone oil is sprayed.

2. The shoe is pressed on a large enough piece of paper (or worn and then stepped on the paper).

3. The print of the outsole is powdered with Magnetic Jet Black.

4. The resultant print.