Polilight PL500SC

Forensic light source for use on the crime scene

The Polilight®PL500SC has been specifically designed to assist the forensic scientist to efficiently carry out an examination at the crime scene. Most features of the PL500 are included, however, the PL500SC enhances performance by incorporating a graphic display remote control, a 5 meter light guide and a simplified front control panel.
The remote control features a 128 x 68 element LED graphic display which gives excellent visual display whatever the environment; bright sunlight or dark nights. The housing of the remote can be fixed to the light guide or the user's belt. The six buttons allow full control of all functions of the light source, including on/off, filter selection, tuning, power output and shutter control. All functions selected are displayed on the remote while the operator is 5 meters away from the instrument.
The 5 meter long light guide provides a large reach on the crime scene without moving the light source around. This extended length together with the remote controller allows the operator to move freely around the crime scene without having to continuously revert to the front panel on the instrument to change settings.
Product features:
• Highly portable forensic light source
• Designed specifically for scene-of-crime work
• 5 meter (16 feet) light guide option
• Greater freedom, longer reach
• Remote control with LED graphic display
• Full control from up to 5 meters with graphical display
• Increased lamp life and reliability
• Front panel power switch
• Easier to turn on with smart shutdown
Product #
Polilight PL500SC UV-Vis
Polilight PL500SC UV-Vis-IR
Accessories and spares
Security Password Control
Computer Control Software
Direct Output Optics for PL500
Episcopic coaxial illumination accessory for Polilight PL500, PL500SC, PL550XL, and PL400
500W Xenon Lamp assembly (all PL500, PL500SC and PL550XL models)
Liquid light guide 2 meters
Camera filters and accessories
Camera high pass filter GG475, 50 mm
Camera high pass filter GG495, 50 mm
Camera high pass filter OG515, 50 mm
Camera high pass filter OG590, 50 mm
Camera filter holder for 50 mm filters (58 mm thread)
Camera high pass filter GG475, 60 mm
Camera high pass filter GG495, 60 mm
Camera high pass filter OG515, 60 mm
Camera high pass filter OG550, 60 mm
Camera high pass filter OG590, 60 mm
Band pass filter 565 nm, band width 40 nm, 50 mm
Band pass filter 415 nm, band width 40 nm, 50 mm
Band pass filter 530 nm, band width 40 nm, 50 mm
Band pass filter 555 nm, band width 28 nm, 50 mm
Band pass filter 590 nm, band width 40 nm, 50 mm
Band pass filter 610 nm, band width 40 nm, 50 mm
Camera filter holder for band pass filters (58 mm thread)
Camera step up ring from 52 mm lens thread to 58 mm
Camera step up ring from 49 mm lens thread to 58 mm
Camera step up ring from 62 mm lens thread to 67 mm
Viewing goggles
Filter goggles clear/UV
Filter goggles yellow
Filter goggles orange/amber
Filter goggles red
Filter goggles for semen searching
Product specification:
Input Power: 85-265 VAC 50-60 Hz
Internal Lamp: 500 Watt Xenon Arc Lamp
Light output: 5 meter liquid light guide for UV and Visible
Output Bands: Blank, White, 350nm, 415nm, 450nm, 470nm, 490nm, 505nm, 530nm, 555nm, 590nm, 620nm and 650nm; IR as an option
Indicators: Band selection, band tuning and power setting
Buttons: One per filter selection, tuning up and tuning down.
Turn Off: Automatic if left unattended
Control: Hand held remote (all functions) or front panel
Computer Control: All functions by Windows based control software (optional)
Weight: net 9.5 kg, packed 13.6 kg
Size net: 32.5 x 35 x 15 cm
Standard accessories:
• Camera filters, high pass, mounted GG 475, OG 515, OG550 and OG590 (1 ea)
• Camera filter holder
• Stepping rings 52/58 and 49/58 for camera filter holder
• Goggles amber, red, clear and yellow (1 ea)
Optional IR output
This Polilight is also available with an optional IR output. Note that this cannot be retro fitted. Polilights fitted with an IR output come with the following extra components:
• 2 meter light guide for IR application
• IR high pass filter set (>610, >715, >780, >830 nm)
Note that the IR output is factory fit and cannot be retro fitted.