Post-mortem kit

This post-mortem kit has been especially composed for the examination of deceased victims of crimes or accidents. A large part of the kit consists of materials and equipment for taking post-mortem fingerprints and for making casts of the teeth.
Apart from materials and equipment for taking fingerprints and straightening clenched fingers, chemical solutions are provided to restore wrinkled fingers to a condition in which prints can be made.
Product #
Post-mortem kit
A‑21000   1 BVDA fingerprint ink, in tube
A-28000 1   Instant fingerprint pad, round, for post-mortem fingerprinting
A-52000 1   Ink roller, 6.5 cm wide
A-70000 1   Removal, a waterless cleaner, 100 ml
A-70100 1 Bottle of cognac, 100 ml
A-71000 1 Bar of soap
A-72000 1 Ink cleaner
A-81000 1 Cleaning towel
A-86000 1 Glass inking slab, 15 x 20 cm, with sanded edges
B-51200 1 Brush for H2O2 (hydrogen peroxide)
B-91000 1 Scissors for clothing (16 cm)
C-1100 1 SILMARK, gray casting material in tube, 150 g, medium viscosity, with paste hardener
C-4000 1 Drop-bottle of SILMARK diluant
C-5100 1 Plastic bottle for H2O2 (hydrogen peroxide)
C-11000 1 Polypropylene mixing dish (for SILMARK)
C-12000 1 Svedia mixing spatula
C-23000 1 Forceps, rounded, 11.5 cm long
C-24000 1 Forceps, pointed, 11.5 cm long
C-25000 1 Forceps, rounded, 25 cm long
C-28000 1 Nail-file with point
C-29000 1 Scalpel handle
C-30000 3 Scalpel blades
C-60200 1 Pair of thin rubber gloves (sterile), size 7.5
C-61000 1 Pair of thick rubber gloves
C-62000 20   Disposable polyethylene gloves
C-69000 5 Polyethylene bags, 18.6 x 48 cm
C-70000 5 Polyethylene bags, 14.4 x 45 cm
C-75000 5 Plastic test-tubes with plastic stoppers
F-21000 1 Post-mortem spoon
F-25000 1 Set of three finger stretchers
F-56000 2 Disposable aprons, white plastic
F-60000 1 Bottle of tissue builder
F-61000 1 Bottle of tissue builder solvent (thinner)
F-82300 1 Hemastix (package of 50 tests), for the presumptive identification of blood stains
F-65000 1 Hypodermic syringe with 12 needles
F-67000 1 Mouth opener
F-71000 1 Scissors for bandages (14 cm)
F-81000 1 Thermometer for ambient temperature (-10° - 50° C)
F-82000 1 Isolation film for maintaining body temperature
F-84000 1 Odor and dust mask (P1)
F-100000  1 Mouth mirror
F-101000 1 Package of absorption lint
F-103000 1 Package of cotton balls
F-104000 1 Bottle of talcum powder, 100 ml
F-105000 1 Nilodor, drop-bottle odor neutralizer
F-106000 1 Towel (terry cloth)
F‑109000 1 Box of filter paper (round, 90 mm diameter)