Traffic accident kit

This kit is composed for the marking and recording of traffic accidents. The kit contains the necessary materials for making a situation sketch (drawing board, drawing materials etc.), but also marking materials to facilitate photographic documentation.

Packing materials and tools are also contained in the kit. Personal protection has been provided in the form of a disposable coveralls (overalls) and a pair of work-gloves.

Product #
Traffic accident kit

A - 70000    1 Removal, a waterless hand cleaner, 100 ml
C-20000 1    Magnet with handle
C-24000 1   Forceps, pointed, 11.5 cm
C-4100 2 Drop-bottles, 10 ml
C-68000 25 Polyethylene bags, 60 x 40 cm
C-74100 10 Sheets with 9 white self-adhesive labels each (53 x 34 mm)
C-75000 5 Plastic test-tubes with plastic stoppers, 100 x 16 mm
C-82000 1 Polystyrene box with lid (11.5 x 7.5 x 3 cm)
C-84000 5 Polystyrene boxes with lid (5.7 x 3.6 x 1.7 cm)
C-86000 25 Polyethylene evidence bag with zip-closure and white write-on area, 10 x 15 cm<
C-89000 25   Polyethylene evidence bag with zip-closure and white write-on area, 6 x 8 cm>/td>
F-106000 1 Towel, terry cloth
H-10000 10 Plastic signs with numbers 0 to 9, one side black with white lettering, reversed on other side
  5 Plastic signs with arrow, black-white/white-black
H-11000 5 Tripods, foldable, chromed
H-12000 5 Nylon extension bars (fits the tripod, can also be coupled to one another)
H-31500 1 Leatherette case with 3 traffic-accident chalks (2 x 2 x 15 cm): yellow, red, and white
H-36000 1 Felt pen, black
H-40000 1 Plastic box for storage of various items
I-35000 1 Flashlight with magnet
J-9000 1 Drawing board, A4 size (21 x 29.7 cm)
J-9500 1 Ruler, 30 cm
J-9600 1 Clear plastic, triangular protractor/ruler
J-14000 1 Pad of graph paper (A4, millimeter grid), 50 sheets
J-15000 3 Pencils of different colors
J-15500 1 Pencil, HB (number 2)
J-15700 1 Mechanical pencil, 0.5 mm with refill
J-17000 1 Eraser
J-75400 1 Tape measure, 30 m (fiberglass-reinforced plastic blade)
J-77500 1 Compass
K-20000 1 Magnifier 3.5X, 75 mm diameter
N-1500 1 Pocket knife with several tools
N-3100 1 Combination pliers (pliers combined with wire-cutters), 160 mm<
N-10600 1 Screwdriver set, 6-piece
N-14500 1 Glass cutter
N-32500 1 Folding rule, 1 m, plastic
V-102600 1 Work-gloves
V-210000   1 Disposable jumpsuit with hood (overalls), large